Friday, July 8, 2016

Some More Weird Weather.

I'm busy watching Angel of Apocalypse's latest vid. So far I haven't seen anything weird weather-wise.

So I'm going to blurb-reblog four weird weather blogs by Robertscribbler. He can be alarmist at times, but usually he's a good reporter on the global weirding we're experiencing.

Just as Whitley Strieber predicted in The Coming Global Superstorm -- temps in the mid-eighties Fahrenheit on the shores of the Arctic Ocean: Fahrenheit 85.9 Near Arctic Ocean Shores — Extreme Heatwave Settles in Over North-Central Siberia, Canada’s Northern Tier.

70.8 North, 69.2 East. It’s the Lat, Long coordinate location of a section of the Yamal Peninsula in Siberian Russia. A typically chilly region of frozen but now thawing ground more than 4 degrees of Latitude north of the Arctic Circle. A place that saw the appearance of odd, disturbing (and now controversial) methane blowholes pockmarking the melting permafrost during 2014. Today, the high temperature in a land now being forced to rapidly warm by human-caused climate change spiked to a tropical 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.4 C)at 0800 UTC. Tomorrow, temperatures are expected to again rise to 80 F (26.5 C). And in the same location on Thursday, the mercury is forecast to strike close to 86 F (30 C).
Across the Arctic Ocean at Latitude 71.4 North and Longitude 111.7 West, Canada’s Victoria Island is today also seeing temperatures spike to near 80 F (26.8 C). It’s a place encircled by sounds of wet crackling and fluid sighs. The mournful songs of melting sea ice. A sad threnody for the end of a much more stable and hospitable climate age. And there, and even further north to Banks Island, readings are expected to range from 80 to 82 F (26.7 to 27.7 C) on Wednesday and into Thursday.
For more, click here.

Wednesday Typhoon Nepartak blew up into a Category 5 Super Typhoon -- equal to Category 5 Major Hurricane -- over a Western Pacific Ocean hotspot. The storm came ashore as a Category 4 Super Typhoon after 6:30 a.m. Taiwan local time, Friday morning, It's since crossed Taiwan and weakened to a Category 1 Hurricane Typhoon and is on its way to Southeastern China. Unfortunately, on its projected veering east over China, the storm will rain a lot of rain on parts of China that have already seen really bad -- historic -- flooding.

For more, click here and here.

In Los Estados Unidos Americanos ;^), June was the hottest June on record. For more, click here.

Pyrocumulus cloud near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada earlier this year.
Previously posted at Robertscribbler.
Remember the Fort McMurray fire? Well that sort of thing, which can threaten cities, is expected to be rather common in the future, including in Russia, where there are lots and lots of fires in Siberia right now. For more, click here.

Now a link to Angel of Apocalypse's latest. I've finished watching it and found it's very light on weird weather, so I figure it's not worth posting the vid.

2016 is strange.

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