Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crikey, Do I Look Like an Idiot!

Remember this post about the Jet Stream doing something weird by crossing the equator?

It turns out that this sort of thing is not unprecedented and not even unusual. In fact, it is a mechanism, one of a few or several, by which the air of the Northern Hemisphere mixes with the air of the Southern Hemisphere. So it actually is something that would happen in a normal world.

However, The Washington Post interviewed Jennifer Francis, professor of meteorology at Rutgers University who specializes in the relationship between global warming and the jet stream and she said that “cross-equator flow cannot be unprecedented, maybe not even all that unusual.”

This broadsheet also interviewed Sam Lillo, who is working toward his PhD in Meteorology at U of Oklahoma and he replied, “None of this is unusual, There isn’t a wall at the equator separating the two hemispheres, and air is free to flow from one side to the other.”

But of course, I uncriticaly reblogged Robertscribbler's article which stated that this was " Something that would absolutely not happen in a normal world," quoting four paragraphs from it verbatim including the above phrase (in quotes), and made myself look like an idiot when the Washington Post article came out. A closer look at the article's first graphic from Earth Nullschool shows that jet stream that branched out and sent a stream crossing the equator was not the polar one at the 80th North parallel, but the subtropical one further south. Now to his credit, Robert has toned down the content of his blog article, parts somewhat, parts considerably.

Now when the Polar Jet Stream really does jump the Equator and join the other polar stream, that would be really, really weird. Possibly even the end of our regular seasons.

I guess it's back to posting Angel of Apocalypse and LastMessage's YouTube videos and even some of my own.

2016 is strange!

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