Friday, August 26, 2016

Tropical Disturbance 99-L

This thing is out in the Carribbean now but it has South Florida over open sights and its further destination is anywhere between Apalachicola FL to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Source: Weather Underground.
Southern Louisiana in the Baton Rouge area is a mess right now from the epic thousand-year floods just a couple of weekends ago.  Some rivers are still above flood stage, which means a tropical storm or a hurricane could really F things up over there. Here in New Orleans the ground is completely sogged. We had a tropical monsoon just like they have in South Florida yesterday afternoon and some of the flood puddles have yet to completely disappear, which means we might get some bad flooding, too, especially where the water backs up from street drains or if the pump houses lose their power. The NWS is predicting four to eight inches of rain from this thing both in South Florida and along the Gulf Coast. It may be worse! After all, that 30 inches of rain in Baton Rouge wasn't exactly predicted (yeah, the NWS predicted wicked heavy rains up to two feet appropriate to a five-hundred-year storm but the deluge exceeded that even).

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