Sunday, August 14, 2016

Second Wicked Bad Flooding in SE Louisiana This Year.

Source: NBC News

The absolutely MASSIVE floods from the torrential rains that fell here in Southeast Louisiana were so bad, they are now considered unprecedented and historic, an event once every thousand years event. By the aerial photos I looked at, the floods appear to be record-breaking. Baton Rouge, Tangapahoa Parish, West St Tammany Parish and areas contiguous thereto appear to be especially hard hit. Major Routes I-12, Rte. 190 and Rte.22 were shut down, closed to all traffic.

UPDATE: It turns out that parts of Rte. I-55 and Rte. I-10 were also shut down by the massive, massive floods. Some of these roads still are shut down as the floodwaters now are gradually receding.

Rouses Supermarket in Denham Springs is invaded by SIX FEET of floodwater.
Only the top roofs of the SUVs are showing. Source: Rouses via
Here's a slideshow video of yesterday's floods.

Here's another video posted by Men of Valor, i.e., superstitious Christians, also on YouTube. Please ignore the commentary when it veers off into opinion. And don't troll them!

And we had similar flash floods from 26 inches of rain earlier this year, in March. I don't remember the I-12 Expressway being closed during that disaster. They were also a once in a thousand years event.

Two thousand years' floods in one year, only four and a half months apart. Some of the same places appear to have been flooded twice!

At least Jefferson and Orleans Parishes escaped both  events.

2016 is strange!

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