Friday, February 26, 2016

Video Series: 2016 Is Strange - Part 5 - February

Here is Part 5 of Last Message's 2016 Is Strange video series, covering part of February. Lots of fireballs this month!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Part 3, too.

Noticed I hadn't posted it here yet. Another cool video from Last Messages.

Part 4 of 2016 is strange video series.

Latest by Last Messages of YouTube.

First scene is in the Gaza strip... the locals don't realize that their beach is also a sand crab hatchery. The rest, though, is 100% global weirding.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 IS STRANGE Part 2 // JANUARY -- revised version.

Some changes were made to Last Messages' vid originally posted a several days ago. New version of the video below.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Freak Snow in Southern China.

Hat tip to Sean Tynan at Robert Scribbler.

China snow strands ‘nearly 100,000’ at Guangzhou station.

Stranded crowds at Guanzhou Railway Station. Source: BBC.

Heavy snow has disrupted public transport in southern China, stranding tens of thousands of people outside a rail station, police say. The crowd outside Guangzhou station swelled to nearly 100,000 at its peak on Monday night, police said.

Central China has experienced some of its coldest weather in years.

The rare snow has coincided with the run-up to Chinese New Year - where hundreds of millions of Chinese travel home to see their families.

2016 IS STRANGE Part 2

Latest vid from  LAST MESSAGES.

Includes: an earthquake in Alaska, locusts in Argentina, a mini-Tsunami in Washington State, El Nino undermining cliffs in upscale Pacifica, California, the discovery of "New Pluto," sinkholes in Route 101 in Washington State, flooding in Brazil, Vulcanism followed by an earthquake in far eastern Russia, a mysterious cracks in Colombia and Ecuador, etc. Except for the new planet (and other celestial events), this is all due to anthropogenic global weirding!