Wednesday, June 29, 2016

More Global Weirding - Near Northern Jet Stream Splits, New South Fork Jumps Equator to Join Near Southern Jet Stream.

Gigantic Gravity Waves to Mix Summer with Winter? Wrecked Jet Stream Now Runs from Pole to Pole
It’s as if global warming [Ed-M: global weirding] were ringing the Earth’s atmosphere like some great, cacophonous alarm bell. The upper level zonal winds are swinging wildly from record high positive anomalies to record low negative anomalies. Gravity waves — the kinds of big atmospheric waves that tend to move air from the Tropics all the way to the Poles and are powerful enough to cause the Caribbean Sea to ‘whistle’ in the satellite monitors — are growing larger. And the Jet Stream now has redefined all boundaries — flowing at times from the East Siberian Sea in the Arctic across the Equator and all the way south to West Antarctica.
South Fork of Northern Jet Stream Caught Crossing the Equator. Source: Earth Nullschool. 
Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream crosses the Equator in this Earth Nullschool screen capture to merge with the Southern Hemisphere Jet Stream. It’s the very picture of weather weirding due to climate change. Something that would absolutely not happen in a normal world. Something, that if it continues, basically threatens seasonal integrity.
The big trough today begins near the Northern Hemisphere Pole. It pulls Arctic air down over Eastern Siberia and into a Pacific Ocean storm track. There, a second big dip in the Jet Stream pulls a crazy loop of this upper air flow further south. And here is where things get really weird — for the upper level river of air that began in the Arctic then makes a jump directly across the Equator.
But our story of a wayward Jet Stream doesn’t end there. The upper level air flow that originated near the North Pole joins with a building Southern Hemisphere Jet Stream ridge pattern over the Southeast Pacific. Feeding into very strong upper level winds, it turns southward into a high amplitude wave that crosses the Horn of South America and slams itself, carrying with it a big pulse of extreme warmth, into the upper level airs over Western Antarctica.
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Monday, June 27, 2016

More Weird Weather from Robertscribbler.

First, the cause of all this global weirding.

CO2’s Vertigo-Inducing Rate of Rise — In First 5 Months of 2016 Hothouse Gas Concentration Rocketed 3.7 Parts Per Million Above 2015 
“Perhaps the most worrisome threat is that because the Arctic is warming so much faster than the globe as a whole, the permafrost — soil that remains frozen year-round — is thawing. As it does, organic matter which is trapped within can decay, and when it does it releases CO2 into the atmosphere, except those places where instead of releasing CO2 it releases CH4.” — Tamino. 
With the Northern Hemisphere Pole warming at a rate 2-3 times faster than the rest of the globe, there’s a risk that we start to set off a kind of runaway warming feedback. We may be near that threshold now… God help us if we’ve crossed it… 
Image source: NOAA ESRL.
Now the effects - first in Arizona and Nevada: Lake Mead is drying up. How soon before Phoenix and Las Vegas will simply dry up and blow away?
Water Knives in the Near Future — 16 Year Drought Brings Lake Mead To New Record Low 
It’s been ridiculously hot along the unstoppable shrinking shoreline at Lake Mead. Over the past four days, highs have peaked at a scorching 109 to 111 F (42 to 44 C). Similar heat blasted all up and down the Colorado River Basin, squeezing moisture out of a key water supply for 25 million people in California, Arizona, and Nevada. 
Source: NASA.

If you thought the current drought was bad, then this animation will knock your socks off. Loss of soil moisture for the US is ridiculously extreme under business as usual fossil fuel burning in this NASA projection.
Now on to Japan, where 700,000 had to be evacuated because of floods; and to West Virginia, where even the Greenbrier Resort, host to a civil defense / continuity of government folly in the cold war 1960s, got flooded out. I'll bet the folly became an aquarium!
Bad Rains Fall Across Globe — 700,000 Evacuated in Kyushu Deluge as Worst Flood in 100 Years Inundates West Virginia
In Kyushu, Japan on Friday, government officials urged 700,000 residents to evacuate as record heavy rains and severe flooding inundated the city for the fifth day in a row. Half a world away in West Virginia, another unpredicted record deluge dumped 8.2 inches of rain, washed out roads, cut off shopping malls, flushed burning homes down raging rivers, and left more than 14 people dead and hundreds more stranded. 
Individually, these events would be odd. But taken together with what are now scores of other extreme flooding events happening around the world in the space of just a few months and the context begins to look a lot like what scientists expected to happen due to human-forced climate change.
In Kyushu, the skies opened up on Monday. An extension of a seasonal front draped across China and feeding on moisture bleeding off of record hot ocean surfaces edged out over Japan. Mountainous cloud banks unloaded. Record rains in the range of five inches an hour then began to inundate the southern Japanese island. This mass dumping of water eventually accumulated to half a meter (or 1.6 feet) over some sections of the island over the course of just one 24 hour period

A burning home floats down a West Virginia creek swollen to a raging torrent by the worst flood to hit the state in 100 years. 
Numerous homes and hundreds of cars have also been lost due to the flash floods that swept through West Virginia’s valleys. In one instance, a burning house was filmed floating down a river. As a result of the severe and unexpected rains, 44 of the state’s 55 counties have now been declared a disaster area.
These severe flooding events add to those this week occurring in China, AustraliaSri Lanka,Indonesia, and Great Britian over just the past seven days. In addition, extreme floods have swept through Texas, Canada, Central Asia, Europe, Ghana and Argentina over the past couple of months. 
The floods occur at a time when global temperatures are just coming off of new record highs during the first part of 2016. Temperatures that, in February peaked near 1.5 degrees Celsius hotter than 1880s averages.
And you know the cause. Ever increasing CO2 built-up in Earth's atmosphere. Cause by combustion of fossil fuels, adding to the Fossil Fuels Derivatives Beast. 2016 is strange.


Latest video from Last Messages.

Chemtrails, weird clouds and weird weather. 2016 is strange.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More Global Weirding

Local Reports Reveal Heat Index of 170 F (77 C) in India on 13th of June, 2016.

And this graphic was just for May! Back-to-back record heat two months in a row.
Image source: Skymetweather

Arctic Ice on Path to Matching Record Low as Ice Pulls Away from Greenland because of Jet-Stream-Imported Heat.

Ice pulling away from Greenland North Shore. Bottom of Frame distance is 400 miles.
Image source: LANCE MODIS.
Western Heat Dome Makes Wildfires Get Wicked Big, Act Wicked Strange and Burn Wicked Bad.

Cedar Creek Fire grows in size as it changes direction late Sunday. Image source: Chris Gross.

Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 IS STRANGE Part 18 // JUNE

Here's the latest from the Youtuber Last Messages. This one focuses on weird clouds, which is expected with global weirding.

2016 is strange.

Latest Weird Weather from Angel of Apocalypse

Latest two vids from the Youtuber Angel of Apocalypse featuring weird weather around the world. I'm skipping over two parts which are devoted to the horrific Orlando Massacre (graphic content) which can be viewed here and here.

2016 is strange.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Excessive USA Southwest Heatwave Sets off Fires.

One threatens an oil refinery and crosses the Expressway in Santa Barbara, another in central Arizona  blew up from 3 Acres to 3 Square Miles (640 times the smaller size) on Wednesday... but that's not all!

Wicked Wildfire started at the Sherpa Ranch and burnt its way to the Rte 101 X-way and
threatened an oil refinery in Santa Barbara, all on Wednesday. Image source: 
Pete Demetriou.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Death Valley Like Heat to Spread over USA Southwest Next Week.

A high-pressure system is migrating east out of the Pacific and will settle over the USA Southwest by next Wednesday, the 21st. The daily highs are expected to be wicked!

Extreme Southwest Heatwave Forecast for Wednesday, June 21st.
Source: Pivotal Weather.
From Robertscribbler: Death Valley Like Heat Predicted to Blanket the Southwest by Next Week.

Arctic Lows maintain Ice Pack from hitting new record lows, but the edges are disintegrating

A ten-mile wide margin or more of the Arctic Ice Pack north of Svalbard is breaking up into smithereens.

For example, this chunk of ice, about 80 square miles in area, has fractured and shattered over the space of five days. Why? Because the waters in the area, which used to be favorable to maintaining ice as frozen water, is now a vast area melting frozen water.

June 8th. Source: Lance-Modis.
June 10th. Source: Lance-Modis.
June 13th. Source: Lance-Modis.
Tip o' th' hat to Robertscribbler: Ten Mile Wide Chunks of Arctic Sea Ice Are Disintegrating North of Svalbard.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Massive Thunderstorm to Send a Huge Sand Storm into SE Europe.

The thunderstorm covers more area than all the British Isles. It's sending a sand storm, called a Haboob, on a 600-mile front through Algeria and Tunisia, transit the Mediterranean to Central Italy, then cross the Adriatic into the Balkans and travel as far as eastern Poland and western Ukraine.

Monster African Thunderstorm Hurls Enormous Haboob at Europe, 100-plus Degree F Heat to Follow

Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 IS STRANGE Part 17 // JUNE

This is the latest from Last Messages. Wicked cool music as always. :^)

And the latest from Angel of Apolcalypse.

2016 is strange!

Friday, June 3, 2016

2016 IS STRANGE Part 16 // MAY-JUNE

Part 15, too.

This is the latest video from Last Messages.

The teaser photo shown is a tubular cloud over the countryside somewhere in Norway.

Now Part 15:

Just before the scene shown in the teaser photo, a city sinkhole in China swallows three automobiles and a tree! Plus more weird clouds and weird weather.

Cool music as always. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Texas Deluge

They had one just last month and this time they just had another! It was a 500-years' storm according to the people who track the frequency of storms. Flooding wicked bad in the Brazos valley - a 53.5 foot floodwater crest (I hope it's not the DEPTH of the expected floodwater at its crest!). Instead of 7 or 10 inches of rain, they've been getting 16, 19, even 30 inches of rain in one day... causing immense flash floods in minutes! Then the regular floods follow.

As Robertscribbler reports:

(Image source: NOAA.)

All time record rainfall totals that might be associated with a powerful hurricane. Floods that would typically happen only once every 500 years. But in the new moisture-laden atmosphere of a record warm world, a garden variety thunderstorm now has enough atmospheric oomph to frequently set off what were once multi-century floods.
From Lehmann via Peter Sinclair via Greg at Robertscribbler.

Rain bombs again explode over Texas in a huge complex of storms on Tuesday afternoon in this GOES enhanced satellite shot. It’s all part of the same stormy weather pattern — associated with a trough and an upper level low — that over the past five days produced another round of record flooding over Texas. And it’s expected to remain in place through the end of this week. With more severe storms firing and 4-8 inches of additional rainfall on the way for some sections of soggy Texas, it appears that still more extreme flooding is likely.
It’s under these new, freakish, conditions that the Brazos River is today expected to crest at 53.5 feet — its highest level ever recorded. And this crest is predicted to push a flood of 8-9 feet into neighboring communities. Extreme flooding that local officials say Texans are not at all prepared for. In total, more than 40,000 people have been urged to evacuate. But with the worst flooding still on the way, the situation is still very fluid.

In isolation, the current Texas floods would be an extreme record disaster worthy of the weather history books. But it is just one of three such severe rainfall events to strike southeastern Texas since April. And, unfortunately, more storms are on the way as a strong ridge of high pressure out west is expected to generate another deep Central US trough and related rain bomb inducing storm pattern over the next five days.
Robertscribbler: New Extreme Climate to Hurl More Rain Bombs at Texas.

Another rain bomb by June 6th. 500-year storm again in the same place, perhaps? That'll be something!
And they usually spend themselves out by the time they reach here in New Orleans... although this Memorial Day we did have heavy, windy rainstorm that looked like a hurricane at times, with wind coming from the East at one time and then the West later on and then back again! Should have taken a video.
But one of these days our luck will run out.
Hell's bells. Oh, Sugar.