Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arctic Lows maintain Ice Pack from hitting new record lows, but the edges are disintegrating

A ten-mile wide margin or more of the Arctic Ice Pack north of Svalbard is breaking up into smithereens.

For example, this chunk of ice, about 80 square miles in area, has fractured and shattered over the space of five days. Why? Because the waters in the area, which used to be favorable to maintaining ice as frozen water, is now a vast area melting frozen water.

June 8th. Source: Lance-Modis.
June 10th. Source: Lance-Modis.
June 13th. Source: Lance-Modis.
Tip o' th' hat to Robertscribbler: Ten Mile Wide Chunks of Arctic Sea Ice Are Disintegrating North of Svalbard.

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