Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 IS STRANGE Part 20 // June-July, and the Reason Why!

First, the latest from Youtuber Last Messages:

Very weird clouds and storms in this video compilation from around the world. What's the
reason? The chemical mess in the air (at 0:35 in) cause by our fossil fuel emissions including chemtrails from all the jet planes' exhausts.

The additional carbon released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2) or as methane (natural gas - CH4) increases the insulation of the atmosphere, causing the temperature to increase. With each 1 degree Celsius increase the amount of water vapor in Earth's atmosphere increases by 7%. The increased heat and moisture, of course, makes the atmosphere more energetic in an attempt to cool things down (more cloud cover), but actually makes things even warmer!. We are now about 1.2 degrees Celsius above 1880s levels.

Feedbacks and Peak Fossil Fuel Emissions.
Source: Sam Caranas, Arctic News.
In the above graphic you see all global energy-related emissions staying relatively flat for the past three years while CO2 content continued to increase, with a record jump in carbon dioxide content this past winter and spring. That means one, two or all of three things: the carbon sinks are no longer taking in as much carbon as they used to even just last year, natural "positive" (amplifying) feedbacks are kicking in, or the end of El NiƱo is evicting an enormous amount of carbon from the planet's oceans.

2016 is strange!

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